Writer's Cramp
or How Will Shakespeare Got Into Show Biz
A Bawdy Comedy in Two Acts by Larry Glaister
(winner of BLT's Latest New-Play Competition)

Director:  Gene O'Hare
Producer:  Al Edick
Stage Manager:  Liz Malzone

World Premiere!
May 29 - June 7, 2009
Brevard Little Theatre
The American Legion Hall
55 East Jordan St., Brevard

About the Show
Don't miss this delightful, Sixteenth Century farce about young William
Shakespeare.  We all have experienced some of Shakespeare's plays,
but if you have ever wondered how Will got some of his ideas, this
World Premiere production may help explain that, and give you a
whole new outlook concerning the Bard of Avon.

Cagen Family Chiropractic, Brevard, will sponsor a complimentary
opening-night reception after the first performance.
RESERVATIONS (phone reservations for this show will be accepted starting
May 11.
 828-884-2587.  The ticket office, located behind the Transylvania
Community Arts Council building at 349 South Caldwell Street, will open on
May 21.)  

Dramatis Personae
Dan Clancy -- William Shakespeare  (A mostly unemployed
dreamer and aspiring young poet.)
Laura Buckner  -- Anne Shakespeare  (A harried, impatient
wife, also known as Anne Hathaway.)
Chelsea Daley -- Agnes  (A helpful, high-strung young
neighbor girl.)
Dwight Chiles -- Hamnet  (A rugged, virile neighbor.)
Jake Ireland -- Ned  (A traveling young actor.)
M.D. Stephen -- Frail Young John  (Hamnet's son.  He is dreadfully
near-sighted and nerdish.)
Al Edick -- Old Man  (An actor from the troupe of traveling players.)

Winner in the One-Act Play category,
Mama's Almost Birthday, by Lily Rusek.
Directed by Gregory Dickens.  Ms Rusek has created a delightful story that has
the spirit of a classic sitcom, with banter and one-liners galore.  Two adult
daughters, Isabelle and Rochelle, are preparing a small house party for their
mother, Vera, recently injured while angrily chasing the paperboy.  Isabelle
invites her boyfriend, Lenny, to the party and he changes the dynamics of the
family relationships.
The Cast  
Martha Hogenboom -- Isabelle Barber
June Stacy -- Rochelle Fiore
Renee Brown -- Vera Barber
Joe Narsavage -- Lenny Weintraub
The One-Act Play will be presented as part of BLT's New-Play Competition
winners' luncheon on May 29 at Miller Hall, St. Philips Episcopal Church.  
For additional information about this one-act play contact Gregory Dickens at
Show Photos