Theatrical jobs and descriptions for a well run community theatre.

Positions needed on a seasonal basis

Board of Directors…responsible for (1) Raising money, through grants, donations, ticket
sales, concession stand, renting the hall, etc.
(2) Creating budgets, for the building overhead, and for each individual show. (3) Approving
major spending on the production space (renovation of the American Legion Building). (4)
Paying bills. (5) Finding the people for “seasonal positions” including the Facilities Manager,
Artistic Director, Production Manager, and Technical Director.

Facilities Manager… This individual is responsible for overseeing the rental of the hall and
has the master calendar of who is in the Theatre on what day and at what times. Be it
rehearsal, performance, building the set, or rental of the hall. He is also responsible for the
maintenance of the Hall.

Artistic Director… This individual guides a committee to choose the direction that the
company is going. (i.e. having all new shows or all musicals or shows with a classic flair or
one of each type). Approves permanent changes made to the stage, or the performance
space. Oversees the production values of shows. Selects or finds the Show Directors for the
shows the coming year and serves on the play selection committee for shows for that
season. Sets the dates for the shows. Works with the Board on things pertaining to the
shows, including the budget for each production, and purchase of new major equipment for
the shows etc.

Production Manager…finds and selects the set, lighting, sound, costume, props designers
for all productions of the season and may also perform the duties of the Show Producer. He
or she oversees the person who Schedules the photos, interviews, press releases and all
publicity for all shows of the season.

Technical Director… This individual oversees the scene shop for the season, knowing
what is there and where it is stored. Keeps equipment in working order. In charge of building
the set according to the designers specs, makes sure that the technical end of the show is
ready for the performances.

Box Office Manager…Oversees the staff selling season tickets and per show tickets.
Makes up the schedule of who will work the BO when.

Positions filled on a per production basis

Show Director…directs the actors in the individual show, works with the Designers to
create the image he/she sees for that show.

Stage Manager… works with the show director during rehearsals taking notes, holding
script etc, creates a cast and crew contact sheet for all members of the show to be handed
out to each of them, works as a liaison between Director, Designers, and Production
Manager during the rehearsal period, and runs the show and backstage crew during

Show Producer…finds the carpenters/electricians etc… to help build the production, and
individuals to work backstage during the show, running props, costumes, lights, sound, etc.  
After the show closes he schedules the strike of the set, costumes, props, and finds
individuals to do it. It should be a bare stage within one week.

Set Designer… Designs and paints or oversees the painting of the set for the show. Works
with the props master to Select furniture and props that are seen on stage. Dresses the set
once it is “up” on the stage.

Lighting Designer…Designs the lighting cues and hangs or oversees the hanging of the
lighting for each show.

Sound Designer…Designs the sound cues and sets the microphones and speakers in
location for each show.

Costume Designer…Designs and builds or oversees the construction, alterations, and
acquisitions of the costumes for each show.

Props Master… works with the set designer to define hand and stage props, get the props
decided on, and create the prop table, and or space backstage for the props. May fill the
prop manager position during performances.

Positions filled on a per performance/show basis

House Manager… makes sure the House is set for each performance, seats clean, floor
swept, rows straight, house lights on. Oversees ticket collecting and concession sales.

Light Board operator… runs the lighting board for each performance.

Sound operator… Runs the sound for each performance.

Dresser… helps with dressing any or all actors that needs help before or during each
performance. Responsible for repairing or letting the stage manager know of any costume
repairs needed during the run of a show.

Prop Manager… in charge of keeping the props set onstage and backstage during

Backstage Crew…all non performing backstage people involved in moving the set from
one scene to another when the set is mobile, to props to dressers.