Toys In The Attic
by Lillian Hellman
The BLT Barn Theater, Brevard College
May, 1996
Dot Drew as Albertine Prine
Dave Abbey as Julian Berniers
Randy Lytle as Henry Simpson
Vicki Hickman as Lily Berniers
Tammy Hopkins as
Anna Berniers
June Stacy as
Carrie Berniers
Dave Bloom
See May, 2006 newspaper article about
medal awarded to Army Major Lytle
Dave Abbey -- R.I.P.
He was such a good friend to so many people.
From the Transylvania Times
Monday, March 26, 2007
Other BLT shows in which Dave Abbey
Allocating Annie (1997)
The Lion in Winter (1995)
The Night of the Iguana (1995)
Exit the Body (1993)
Wait Until Dark (1992)
He also did the sound for:
Love Letters (1994)
Steel Magnolias (1992)
Dave Abbey 1953-2007
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