Summer Shorts
July 17, 18, 24 & 25 -- 8PM
July 19 & 26 -- 3PM
Mama's Almost Birthday  by Lily Rusek
Director: Greg Dickinson

Winner of BLT's Annual New Play Competition (One-Act Category)

Two adult daughters, Isabelle and Rochelle, are preparing a small
house party for their mother, Vera, recently injured while angrily
chasing the paperboy.  Isabelle invites her boyfriend, Lenny, to the
party and he changes the dynamics of the family relationships.

The Cast  
Martha Hogenboom -- Isabelle Barber
June Stacy -- Rochelle Fiore
Kathleen Moore -- Vera Barber
Joe Narsavage -- Lenny Weintraub
by Ellen Byron
Directed by Sonia Arnold

Two Elvis Presley fans gently compete with each other to be the first to
enter their fallen idol's lavish estate.

"Very funny and ultimately touching." -- Philadelphia Courier-Post

The Cast
Brittany Curtis
Sonia Arnold
Hot Flat Cola
by Sonia Arnold
Directed by June Stacy

A young woman arrives -- much to her surprise -- in the netherworld,
and before proceeding further must contend with a celestial bureaucrat.

A witty tale that examines some possible shortcomings of an afterlife.

The Cast
Joe Narsavage -- #2
Danielle Myers -- Meredith McKay
The Park Bench
by Robert Mauro

A gray-haired Don Juan intrudes upon the solitude of a spinster
peacefully knitting in a park.  Their awkward interaction leads to more
than either could have expected.

An amusing and poignant romance that will place a "feel-good" cap on
the evening's entertainment.

The Cast
Donna Lovejoy
Joel Munch