A Hilarious Farce in Three Acts
by Philip King
Produced and Directed by
Joe Carvajal
Stage Manager -- John Patterson
Cherokee Room Theater
Connestee Falls Clubhouse
January 25 - February 3, 2008
About the Play
Galloping in and out of the four doors of an English Vicarage front parlor are an unlikely
assortment of characters, including an American actor and actress who are old friends.
They once worked together in USO shows.  He is now a soldier stationed at a nearby
U.S. military base and she is now married to the church minister.  The flirtatious maid at
the vicarage has seen too many American movies.  A spinster woman, who volunteers
at the church, has a crush on the minister, and resents his American-born wife.  The
Bishop comes to visit the church to see how things are going.  All hell breaks loose
while he is there.  A shy minister from another church arrives as a guest at the vicarage,
to give the sermon next Sunday.  He promptly gets caught up in all the madcap action.  
A Russian spy who has escaped from a jail at the military base tries to hide out at the
vicarage.  He has a heavy Russian accent, which no one seems to notice.  Finally, a
plainclothes police sergeant is called in to investigate the mayhem.  At one point, the
Bishop orders him to "arrest most of these people."
A London critic called
See How They Run "An excellent farce of the most involved
variety.  There is no offense anywhere in this admirably written play, which deserves
praise for its rollicking good humor."

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Martha Hogenboom (Ida the Maid)
Anne Munch (Miss Skillon)
Loran Smith (Rev. Lionel Toop)
Donna Lovejoy (Penelope Toop)
Joel Munch (Clive Winton)
Nick Funston (The Russian Spy)
Joe Carvajal (Bishop of Lax)
Marvin Barg (Rev. Arthur Humphrey)
Joe Narsavage (Police Sergeant Towers)
"Dinner and a Show"
Entrance to the Cherokee Room Theater, a wing of the Connestee Falls Clubhouse
(reservations required)
Front: Martha Hogenboom, Joel Munch , Anne Munch, Donna Lovejoy & Loran Smith
Back: Joe Narsavage, Marvin Barg, Gene O'Hare & Nick Funston (due to unforeseen
circumstances, Gene had to drop out and was replaced by the show's director.)
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