At the BLT Barn Theater
March 22 - 23 - 24, 2002
Connie Clark as the legendary Sarah Bernhardt
A professional show which has played to
critical and audience acclaim at venues around the United
States and in Great Britain
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"Connie Clark was magnificent!  Few could hold an audience with such intensity,
diction, emotion, poise, delivery and body grace."
The Lincoln Center, NYC

"Connie Clark as Sarah Bernhardt achieves the impossible.  She captures the
legendary silken-voiced goddess of the 19th century in a beautifully structured
The Scotsman,  Edinburgh

"A wonderful performance!  Such generosity of spirit and giving to us in the
audience!  I did forget I was watching Connie Clark and did indeed feel as though
I was watching Sarah Bernhardt."
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

"Connie Clark's one-woman show is a triumph that Sarah Bernhardt would be
proud of.  Intimate and warm .... the energy is quite breathtaking, the performance
mesmerizing .... a rare theatrical gem.   A 'five star' rating!"
The Evening News,  Edinburgh
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