Production Staff
Liz Peryam   Producer/Director
Andrea Komaridis   Assistant Director
Marylou Morrison   Production Manager
Jim & Patrice Robinson   Stage Managers
Darien & Marti Aiken   Auditions Coordinators
Jim & Patrice Robinson   Lighting & Sound
Sonia Arnold   Costumes
Marylou Morrison   Props Coordinator
Denise Daniels   Props Acquisition
Sonia Arnold & Sandi Thompson   Makeup
Darien Aiken   Poster Design
Mark Thompson   Poster Distribution
Marvin Barg   House Manager Staffing
Charlie Almand, Jack Powers, Karla Atkinson, Dick Thompson, Joe Narsavage   
House Managers
Joe Narsavage   Box Office Manager
Darien Aiken, Marti Aiken, Karla Atkinson, Deb Burger, Maggie DeBacker
Maureen Edick, Karen Narsavage, Gail Reyes, Kay Reynolds, Rose Stone
Box Office Staff
Al Adcock   Cast Portrait Photography
Joe Carvajal   Publicity Photography
Darien Aiken   Publicity & Playbill
Karen Noonan   Newsletter Editor
Joe Carvajal   BLT Website
Opening-Night Reception Sponsored by Steve Owen Associates
Jinks Ramsey, Karla Atkinson, Nancy Thompson
   Reception Coordinators

Our sincere thanks to Judge Robert Cilley for the use of the Judge's gavel and Judge's
robe, and to Mr. Paul Welch for his assistance and his guidance in courtroom