Nick Vigorito, Jr.

A lifelong native of Brooklyn, New York and a member of the
Dramatists Guild, Nick has written over twenty plays - two of which
have been published and several of which have been produced in
various festivals across the U.S.   He has also written five original
sitcom pilots, one of which (
Les is More) recently won the prestigious
Scriptapalooza competition for best original sitcom pilot.  His "day job"
is that of a Letter Carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, and Nick quips
that while he is not yet disgruntled, that may all change should he not
be "discovered" soon.

Edison's Brother
About the Show
Franklin Edison, the younger (and much less successful) brother of
Thomas Edison, attempts to climb out from under his brother's shadow
by coming up with the world's greatest invention.