To The Editor:

The current production,
Love Letters, of the Brevard Little Theatre is a stunning
and surprising stage production.  The setting is simple and the idea at first seems
almost too common.  But if you want to see a gem that captures the human
condition, that confronts us with the typical, but often haunting search for love and
relationship, you need to seize the opportunity to attend this performance.  It is
amazing how this production with only two performers who never rise from their
chairs held us on the edge of our seats.  Julie Vorus and Joe Narsavage portray a
woman and a man who for over a half century, from second grade until the
gateway to old age, struggle with how and whether to connect.

The dialogue takes place through letters, and traces the ups and downs of life
with its temporary triumphs often soon erased by human errors and needs.  
Pathos and humor punctuate the exchange and the actors capture the emotions
with the nuances of their voices and also with their body language and facial
expressions.  The play and the performers are worthy of a Broadway production.  
We found that they ensnared us in their emotions and brought us face to face with
what it means to be human.  Even with trials and disappointments, we humans
search for the relationship that can bring us love and happiness.  Seize this
chance to see that struggle beautifully presented by Julie Vorus and Joe
Narsavage.  It is a great evening.

Susan Petersen and Tom Mahan

--“Letters to the Editor,” The Transylvania Times, October 10, 2011