A Message From Joe Guice .... (Wednesday, February 15, 2006)

After doing a couple of shows with Brevard Little Theatre, Joe went on to a
professional career, performing at Flat Rock Playhouse and now in New York City.  
Joe was in the film
Guerilla (about Che Guevara), directed by Steven Soderbergh
Ocean's Eleven, Erin Brockovich) and was in some scenes shot in the U.N.
Building.  He said it was a pleasure watching Soderbergh work (and that's how you
learn.)  Joe has just finished writing the script for a short film which he hopes to
shoot in the Hendersonville, NC area, or possibly Upstate New York, this summer of
2006.  In another message, he says he has fond memories of BLT's productions of
The Foreigner and Come Back, Little Sheba, and of our good friend, George Guryan.



I hope everyone is well!

I just had to respond to that message to BLT from
Jennifer Wills, which you have on the
BLT website.  I saw Jennifer perform in WONDERFUL TOWN and had no idea she
had performed at BLT.  I don't know her personally (I have friends that do), but I can
say she was FANTASTIC in the show, as was Gregg Edelman and Brooke Shields.  
What a great night of theatre that was .... a real fun, sweet and memorable show.

What a Small World this is, truly.

By the way, my BLT 2001 "Best Debut Actor" award (for THE FOREIGNER) hangs
on a wall in my apartment here in Astoria, Queens.

Best wishes for another great year at BLT!


Z. Joseph Guice

P.S.   Mr. Dave Bloom .... I'm gonna read your book!