Gallery -- Page 2

Angel Street (Gaslight) May 2000.  Pat White, Director
Bus Stop Oct. 1999.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Do Not Go Gentle May 1999.  Bob & June Stacy, Co-Directors
More Than Meets The Eye March 2000.  Pegge Strandbergh, Director
Rockers Aug. 2000.  Joe Potts, Director
Move Over, Mrs. Markham Aug. 1999.  Pat White, Director
Dangerous Corner May 1997.  Betty Ann Peters, Director
Dearly Departed Aug. 1997.  Pegge Strandbergh, Director
The Enchantment (Youth Troupe) Date?  Sonia Arnold, Director
The Cemetery Club Oct. 1997.  Joe Carvajal, Director
A Christmas Encounter (Youth Troupe) Dec. 2000.  Sonia Arnold, Director
Toys in the Attic May 1996.  Dave Bloom, Director
The Lion in Winter Jan./Feb. 1995.  John Palmer, Director
The Odd Couple (female version) Jan./Feb. 1996.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Mr. Angel Oct. 1990.  David Holcombe, Director
Play On! Oct. 1996.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Little Mary Sunshine Aug. 1996.  Jess Claypool, Director
A Murder Is Announced May 1998.  Pegge Strandbergh, Director
Don't Dress For Dinner Feb. 1998.  Joe Potts, Director
100 Lunches Feb./March 1999.  Joe Potts, Director
Quilters Aug. 1995.  Wanda von Allworden, Director
George Washington Slept Here Aug. 1994.  Joe Carvajal, Director
The Curious Savage Oct. 1998.  Ken Richards, Director
The Wizard of Oz (Youth Troupe) Date?  Sonia Arnold, Director
The Business of Murder May 1991.  John Daugherty, Director
On Borrowed Time Aug. 1998.  Dave Bloom, Director
Barefoot in the Park March 1994.  Ted von Allworden/David Holcombe, Directors
Wait Until Dark March 1992.  Joe Potts, Director
Steel Magnolias April/May 1992.  David Holcombe, Director
Nunsense II May 1994.  Wanda von Allworden, Director
Night of January 16th Feb. 1993.  Ten von Allworden, Director
Love, Sex and the I.R.S. April 1995.  Pegge Strandbergh, Director
Seven Keys to Baldpate Oct. 1993.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Exit the Body April/May 1993.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Winnie the Pooh Aug. 1967.  Jeanette Austin, Director

Professional Productions Sponsored by BLT in the Barn Theater, Brevard College
Dickens, The Sparkler of Albion (from London, England)  Nov. 2000 & Nov. 2001.  
John Greco, Director
Sarah (Connie Clark as Sarah Bernhardt) March 2002.  Created by Connie Clark
Emily (Connie Clark as Emily Dickinson) Oct. 2004.  Created by Connie Clark

Special Events
80th Anniversary 2015  March 13, 2015
Dancing With Our Stars   February 11 2012 (Fundraiser)
The Legend of Tommy Hodges (Cradle of Forestry and BLT)  Staged every  autumn
at the Cradle of Forestry.  Created by BLT & Cradle of Forestry
A Brevard Fourth of July (BLT Bed Racer) July 2001.  Gene O'Hare
Christmas Parade Float, 2000 (Youth Troupe) Dec. 2000.  Sonia Arnold
Christmas Parade Float, 2003 (Youth Troupe) Dec. 2003.  Sonia Arnold
Essence of Thyme ("Tiger at the Gates") March 2005.  Gene O'Hare, Director
The Nutcracker (Daniale Davis Senior Project)  Wanda von Allworden, Director
Canterbury Tales (Jericho Productions) May 2003.  Franklin Harris, Director
Wee White Critters (Jim Bob Tinsley Museum & BLT) for the 2007 White Squirrel
Festival. May 2007.  Gene O'Hare, Director