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In the Workshop  December 7/10, 2017
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
 October 13/29, 2017 Bob Stacy, Director
August 11/27, 2017 Jonathan Forester, Director Urinetown  June 22/July 2
2017 Mark Thompson, Heather Denton, Directors

Agnes of God April 22/May 7 2017 Al Edick, Director
Almost Maine February 17/March 5, 2017 Annette Hobbs, Director
Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause  December 1/4, 2016  Colby Coren, Director
DelVal Divas September 16/October 2, 2016 Jonathan Forrester, Director
Godspell July 18/August 7, 2016 Heather Denton, Director; Mark Thompson, Asst. Dir.
The Odd Couple (Female) June 3/19, 2016 Carol Hamann, Director
Angel Street (Gaslight)  April 15/May 1, 2016 Bonnie Whitmire, Director
Kitchen Witches February 19/March6, 2016 Al Edick, Director
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe December 3/6, 2015 Chris Martin, Director
Funny Little Thing Called Love Sept 25/October 11, 2015 Kai Elijah Hamilton, Director
The Miracle Worker August 7/23, 2015 Jim Walker, Director
Moon Over Buffalo May 15/31, 2915 Annette Hobbs, Director
Garden2015 March 20/April 4, 2015 Mark Henry, Director
The Boys in Autumn January 30/February 15, 2015 Al Edick, Director
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever December 11/14, 2014  Chris Martin, Director
Over the River & Through the Woods  September 25/October 5, 2014 Claudia Carter Covington, Director
6th Broadway Cabaret July 31/August 3, 2014 Mark & Sandy Thompson, Directors
Don't Dress For Dinner  June 12/22, 2014  Al Edick, Director
Southern Hospitality  April 10/19, 2014  Jim Robinson, Director
A Murder is Announced  February 20/March 2, 2014 Directed by Annette Hobbs
Nutcracker Remembered December 12/15, 2013 Collaboration Arnold, Pangle, Dance Academy
I Want My Mummy October 25, 26, 27, 2013, Mark & Sandi Thompson, Directors
Last of the Red Hot Lovers September 19/29, 2013, Bob & June Stacy, Directors
The Red Velvet Cake Wars June 6/16, 2013, Jim Robinson, Director
Blithe Spirit April 11/20, 2013, Bonnie Whitmire, Director
You Can't Take It With You February 23/March 3, 2013, Annette Hobbs, Director
The Dinner Party 2012 November 1/11, 2012, Annette Hobbs, Director
The House at Pooh Corner  August 2/5, 2012,  Sonia Arnold, Director
The Dixie Swim Club June 15/July 1, 2012, Jim Robinson, Director
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown  April 27/May13, 2012, Bob Stacy, Director
Best Christmas Pageant Ever  December 8/11, 2011 Sonia Arnold, Director
Love Letters  October 7/16, 2011  Julie Vorus, Director
Annie  August 4/14, 2011, Annette Hobbs, Director
Hallalujah Girls  March 25/April 10, 2011, Al Edick, Director
Tea & Sympathy  February 25/March 4 2011, Mark Henry, Director
Christmas Carol Rag  December 2/5 2010, Al Edick, Director
Harvey November12/21 2010, Bob & June Stacy, Co-Directors
Catch Me If You Can  October 1/10 2010, Sy Berg, Director
2nd Broadway Cabaret September 9/12 2010, Mark & Sandy Thompson, Directors
The Wizard of Wonderland August 19/22 2010, Sonia Arnold, Director
Anything Goes  July 22/Aug. 1 2010, Al Edick, Director
Mousetrap  June 18/27 2010, Michael Wilson, Director
Birds in the Weather May 6/9 2010, Gene O'Hare, Director
I Ought To Be In Pictures Feb. 26/March 7 2010, Al Edick, Director
The Christmas Bus  Dec. 2009, Sonia Arnold, Director  
Bell, Book & Candle Oct. 23/Nov. 1 2009, Darien Aiken, Director
Winnie the Pooh Aug. 20/23 2009, Sonia Arnold, Director
Summer Shorts  July 17/26 2009, Darien Aiken, Director
Broadway Cabaret July 31/Aug.1 2009, Al Edick, Director
Writer's Cramp May/June 2009, Gene O'Hare, Director
The Cemetery Club March/April 2009.  Bob & June Stacy, Co-Directors
The Premature Corpse Jan./Feb. 2009.  Joe Carvajal, Director
The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge Dec. 2008.  Marjorie Megivern, Director
Radio Gals Aug. 2008.  Al Edick, Director
The Velveteen Rabbit (Youth Troupe) July 2008.  Sonia Arnold, Director
Coming Back to Jersey May/June 2008.  Gene O'Hare, Director
Edison's Brother May 2008.  Gene O'Hare, Director
The Murder Game March, 2008.  Darien Aiken, Director
See How They Run Jan./Feb. 2008.  Joe Carvajal, Director
A Christmas Carol Dec. 2007.  Pat McAfee, Director
Night of January 16th Nov. 2007.  Liz Peryam, Director
Fiddler on the Roof Sept. 2007.  Al Edick, Director
Charlotte's Web (Youth Troupe) July 2007.  Sonia Arnold, Director
A Marine Caught in Leotards May/June 2007.  Bob & June Stacy, Co-Directors
Wee White Critters May, 2007.  Gene O'Hare, Director
The Belated Suitor May, 2007.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Enchanted April March/April 2007.  Andrea Komaridis, Director
Broadway Bound Jan./Feb. 2007. Ray Bennie/Kathleen Healy-Schmieder. Co-Dir.
Christmas Shows (Two) Dec. 2006.  Sonia Arnold/Kathleen Moore, Directors
Sylvia Oct. 2006.  Daisy Talley, Director
Oliver! Aug./Sept. 2006.  Al Edick, Director
David's Mother June/July 2006.  Bob & June Stacy, Co-Directors
Murder at the Howard Johnson's March, 2006.  Marjorie Megivern, Director
Abiding Place May, 2006.  Gene O'Hare, Director
Fear Itself May, 2006.  Gene O'Hare, Director
Run For Your Wife Jan. 2006.  Patricia White, Director
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Youth Troupe) Dec. 2005.  Sonia Arnold, Dir.
The Sunshine Boys Oct. 2005.  Joe Carvajal, Director
The Spitfire Grill Aug./Sept. 2005.  Gene O'Hare, Director
Alice in Wonderland (Youth Troupe) July 2005.  Sonia Arnold, Director
Heartening of the Artistries May/June 2005.  Bob & June Stacy, Co-Directors
Out of Sight, Out of Murder April 2005.  Marjorie Megivern, Director
The Runner Stumbles Feb. 2005.  Sy Berg, Director
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Youth Troupe) Dec. 2004.  Sonia Arnold, Dir.
Meshuggah-Nuns! Aug. 2004.  Dede Hunter & Celeste Thorington, Co-Directors
Wiley and the Hairy Man (Youth Troupe) July 2004.  Sonia Arnold, Director
Grace and Glorie April/May 2004.  Al Edick, Director
Tiger at the Gates March, 2005.  Gene O'Hare, Director
The Orphans Feb. 2004.  Bob Stacy, Director
Here on the Flight Path Oct./Nov. 2003.  Gene O'Hare, Director
The Fantasticks Aug. 2003.  Al Edick, Director
Jack and the Enchanted Beans (Youth Troupe) July, 2003.  Sonia Arnold, Director
Last of the Red Hot Lovers April/May 2003.  June Stacy, Director
The Price Feb./March 2003.  Kathleen Moore, Director
A Christmas Enchantment -- Part II (Youth Troupe) Dec. 2002.  Sonia Arnold, Dir.
Theft Oct./Nov. 2002.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Love Letters Aug. 2002.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Come Blow Your Horn May 2002.  Pat White, Director
Cash On Delivery March, 2002.  Gene O'Hare, Director
You Can't Take It With You Oct. 2001.  Joe Carvajal, Director
Social Security Aug. 2001.  Pegge Strandbergh, Director
The Enchanted Flute (Youth Troupe) July 2001.  Sonia Arnold, Director
Come Back, Little Sheba May 2001.  Dave Bloom, Director
The Mousetrap Oct. 2000.  Joe Carvajal, Director
The Foreigner March 2001.  Gene O'Hare, Director

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