Production Crew

Director    Al Edick
Producer    Maureen Edick
Music Director    Patti Black
Choreographer    Kristen Pangle
Co-Stage Managers  Allison Pressley, Lynn Robards
Lighting Design    Chuck Place
Props Coordinator    Cindy Rudd
Props Acquisition   Alberta Peshkin
Props Setter   Cindy Rudd
Costumes Coordinator    Sonia Arnold
Assistant Costumer    Sandi Thompson
Seamstress Extraordinaire   Andrea Komaridis
Set Construction    Oscar Reiner
Sound & Lights Operator    Jim Robards
Auditions Crew   Alberta Peshkin, Karen Narsavage, Lyn O'Hare
Photography    Joe Carvajal
Playbill, Poster, Publicity    Darien Aiken
Poster Distribution   Mark Thompson
House Managers   Charlie Almand, Karla Atkinson, Joe Carvajal,
                         June Stacy, Dick Thompson
Box Office Manager   Joe Narsavage
Box Office Staff   Marti Aiken, Karla Atkinson, Deb Burger,
                      Denise Daniels, Maggie DeBacker,
                      Maureen Edick, Karen Narsavage, Gail Reyes,
                      Kay Reynolds, Rose Stone
Newsletter Editor   Karen Noonan
BLT Website   Joe Carvajal


Thanks to Pat McAfee for lending BLT costumes and props.
Thanks also to Sam and Rose Stone for the loan of the
benches, to Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kuchne for the sewing machine,
and to Renee Braun for the use of the Hebraic props.