Fiddler on the Roof
the classic musical by Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick
(based on the novel by Joseph Stein)
Directed by Al Edick
Producer:  Maureen Edick
Musical Director: Patti Black
Choreographer: Kristen Pangle
Dunham Auditorium
Brevard College
September 7 - September 16, 2007
The Cast:
Tevye -- A wise, hardworking, poor dairyman and a father who values tradition.  Bob Stacy
Golde -- Tevye's stubborn and hardworking wife.  Cheryl Walkup
Tzeitel -- Tevye's oldest daughter, who is in love with Motel.  Brittany Toups
Hodel -- Tevye's second-oldest daughter, who is in love with Perchik.  Brittany Curtis
Chava -- Tevye's third daughter, who wants to marry a Russian gentile, Fyedka.  Hally Haynes
Shprintze -- Tevye's second-youngest daughter.  Jennifer Moser
Bielke -- Tevye's youngest daughter.  Ellie Rudd
Lazar Wolf -- The brawny butcher who would like to marry Tzeitel.  James Dawsey
Motel -- A young tailor in love with Tzeital.  Dwight Chiles
Perchik -- A student revolutionary who is in love with Hodel.  Ray Huth
Fyedka -- A Russian non-Jew who wants to marry Chava.  David Lobdell
Grandma Tzeitel -- Golde's grandmother.  Merylee Band
Fruma-Sarah -- Lazar Wolf's dead first wife.  Sarah Moser
Yente -- A pushy matchmaker.  Sandie Kay
Rabbi -- The spiritual leader of Anatevka.  Max Bernson
Mordcha -- The innkeeper.  Mark Thompson
Avram -- The bookseller.  Pete Kuehne
Mendel -- The rabbi's son.  Andy Thompson
The Fiddler -- A mute.  Sophia Robbins  

Village People & Chorus:
Abby Arnold, Sonia Arnold, Renee Braun, Benjamin Brewer, Lynn Brewer,
Molly Brewer, Terry Brewer, Penny Coleman-Crandall, Jeanne Denon,
Scott Elliot, Kathleen Elliot, Brian Hatter, Katie Hatter, Katie Honer, Doug Huth, ,
Abby McKee, Jennifer Monterisi, August Nye, Gary Nye, Tamara Nye,
Lindsey Pangle, Hannah Shealy, Luke Shealy, Ed Shields, Emily Shields,
Oliver Shields, Ann Strother, Sandi Thompson, Julia Van Horn, Jack Van Horn,
S. Michael Wilson, Amparo Wright
The Wedding Dancers:  Kristen Pangle & Lee Starr
The Orchestra: Patti Black (Conductor & Keyboard), David Fox (Percussion),
Joel Helfand
(Clarinet & Flute), Diana Zerby (Violin), Jerry Zink (Trombone)
Act I
1. Tradition — Tevye and the Company
Matchmaker, Matchmaker — Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava
If I Were a Rich Man — Tevye
. Sabbath Prayer — Tevye, Golde and the Company
To Life — Tevye, Lazar Wolf and the Company
Tevye's Monolgue — Tevye
Miracle of Miracles — Motel, Tzeitel
Tevye's Dream — Tevye, Golde, Grandma Tzeitel, Fruma-Sarah and the Company
Sunrise, Sunset — Tevye, Golde, Perchik, Hodel and the Company
The Wedding Dance — Instrumental

Act II
1. Now I Have Everything — Perchik and Hodel
Tevye's Rebuttal — Tevye
Do You Love Me? — Tevye and Golde
The Rumor — Yente and Avram
Far From the Home I Love — Hodel
Yente — Yente and the Women
Little Chaveleh — Tevye
Anatevka — The Company
The Story:
Attempting to live a normal life filled with Jewish traditions in early Twentieth
Century Russia, Tevye, a dairyman, is searching for appropriate husbands for his three
eldest daughters -- Tzeital, Hodel and Chava.  In a break of tradition, his daughters
refuse to accept the wishes of the matchmaker, Yente, and their father.  Instead, they
marry men that they love.  Meanwhile, Russians are instigating terrible pogroms against
the Jewish people in Russia.  In the end, the Jews of Anatevka are forced to leave their
homes and Tevye is determined to start a better life in a new land.
Al Edick
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