This play, by Matthew Barber, enjoyed a
successful Broadway run and was awarded
the Gassner Award for Outstanding New
American Play in 2003.  In this romantic comedy,
two London housewives decide to rent a villa in
Italy to get away from their bleak marriages.
They recruit two other very different women to
share the expenses and experiences.  During their
enchanted month in the villa amid the wisteria
blossoms, they rediscover laughter, learn new
truths about themselves and find just the romance
they need.  The Hartford News said of
that it is "the kind of play that reminds you why
you love theater."  It had a successful run on
Broadway and was a 2003 Tony Award
nominee for Best Play of the Season.

Directed by Andrea Komaridis

The Cherokee Room Theater
Connestee Falls Clubhouse
March 23, 24, 25, 30, 31
and April 1, 2007

"Dinner and a Show"

Lotty Wilton .... Lyn O'Hare
Mellersh Wilton .... Darien Aiken
Rose Arnott .... Paula Johnson
Frederick Arnott .... Garren Orr
Caroline Bramble .... Melissa Raquel
Antony Wilding .... Stephen McIntyre
Mrs. Graves .... Marjorie Megivern
Constanza .... Emilia Thompson
Left to Right (standing): Darien, Emilia, Stephen, Paula, Garren.
(Seated): Melissa, Marjorie, Lyn.
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