The Christmas Bus
by Robert Inman
Family entertainment
presented by the BLT Youth Troupe
Directed by Sonia Arnold

BLT Theater, American Legion Hall
55 East Jordan St., Brevard
One weekend only
December 18
December 19 at 3:00 pm & 8:00 pm
December 20 at 3:00 pm

About the Show
It's Christmas Eve, and Mrs. Frump, the director of the Peaceful Valley
Orphanage, is planning what she believes will be the most special
Christmas ever for her kids.  She's borrowed an old bus and arranged for
each child to spend Christmas with a family in the area.  The only problem
is, she hasn't told the Busybodies on the orphanage Board of Trustees, who
believe Frump has gotten too old and soft to handle the rowdy kids at
Peaceful Valley.  With the help of teenager Thomas, the oldest of the
orphans and her trusty right-hand man, Frump sets off to deliver the kids —
pursued by the suspicious Sheriff Snodgrass and the Busybodies.  Along the
way, they pick up a passenger: a Traveling Troubadour who's been on the
road trying his luck as a folksinger and is now returning home to his
girlfriend (who may or may not be glad to see him).  It's an
adventuresome ride, culminating in a Christmas even more special than
Frump could have ever imagined.  Enjoy this wonderful Christmas ride with
its 15 original songs.

Christmas Bus arrives in style … a welcome addition to the Christmas
repertoire." —
The Charlotte Observer