A Message From the Playwright

Here is an email message to Brevard Little Theatre from Dr.
Jeffrey S. Elwell, the author of
A Christmas Carol adaptation
BLT is doing at the Porter Center, sent after he saw the BLT
website display about this production of his show.

It's unusual for a community theater group to hear from the the
playwright of a show they're doing.  This is only the second
time it has happened for BLT.  The first time was in 1993,
when famous playwright Fred Carmichael sent a "break a leg"
letter to BLT while we were doing one his comedies.  It turned
out that Fred had friends living in Connestee Falls and they
told him about the upcoming show.  See his letter at:
Fred Carmichael's Exit The Body.

----- Original Message -----
From: Elwell Jeffery
To: Brevard Little Theatre
Darien Aiken
Joe Narsavage
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 9:35 PM
: A Christmas Carol

Mr. Narsavage and Mr. Aiken:

I just tonight had a chance to review the articles, reviews, and
pictures of my adaptation of
A Christmas Carol at the Brevard
Little Theatre and I was hoping you would share my comments
with the the cast and crew.

It looks like you had a great cast and director and I hope you all
had a good run.  I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to Brevard for
one of the performances -- it would have been wonderful to see
it in person.  Best of luck with the last two performances this
weekend and thanks for picking my script to produce.


Jeff Elwell
Dr. Jeffery S. Elwell, Professor and Dean
College of Fine Arts and Communication
Producer, S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series
East Carolina University
(252) 328-5605 (direct)

Thought for 2007:

"I don't do problems.  I do solutions."

Amory Lovins
Jeff Elwell