Carl L. Williams

Carl L. Williams is a Houston playwright whose full-length and one-act plays have
won numerous national competitions, with productions from California to New York.  
Several of his plays have been produced off-off-Broadway, and over 20 of his plays
have been published.  Carl is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America,
American Association of Community Theatre and Texas Nonprofit Theatres.

Carl has a B.A. in English from the University of Houston.  Before taking up
playwriting 14 years ago, he specialized in writing unpublished novels.  Still
persistent, he is trying to interest an agent in his latest novel.  Some of his short
stories have been published in literary journals, and a story called
One Last Taste
of Home
won seventh place out of 6,805 entries in the Writer's Digest annual
short-short-story competition.  

For 28 years Carl was a social worker with The Salvation Army in Houston.  He
retired in January of this year as Director of the Social Services Department.  After
many years of writing whenever he had the opportunity, he now intends to pursue
his writing career full-time.