A Message From Our British Friends....
Please convey our sincere thanks to all the members of B.L.T. who have put
themselves out to make us feel so welcome.  It has been a real privilege to
have been accepted into your community and to have played your beautiful
theatre.  We know that we will always have fond memories of our time there.

We would really love to return to Brevard some day, even if not to perform, to
visit the many friends we have made and to whom we owe so many thanks.

Love and best wishes,

Geoffrey Harris and John Greco
"Dickens - The Sparkler of Albion"
Argonaut Theatre Co., London
Geoff in character as Charles
Geoff with BLT host Dick Thompson
Argonaut Theatre Company
Dickens - The Sparkler of Albion
At the
Barn Theater:
November, 2000
Return Engagement
at the Barn:
November, 2001
Photos by Joe Carvajal
Geoffrey Harris
1944 - 2004

The Show Goes On

For twelve years, Geoffrey Harris captivated audiences at London's Charles Dickens
Museum with performances of
The Sparkler of Albion, the acclaimed one-man show
about Dickens, written by David Parker and John Greco.

Alas, in 2004, at the age of only sixty, Geoffrey passed away after a long battle with
cancer.  Too ill to perform during the last year of his life, for the first time since 1992
Dickens theater lovers were not able to look forward to his usual Wednesday evening
performance at the Museum.

The Argonaut Theatre Company now has a new actor playing the role which Geoffrey
so memorably performed for so many years and, in the finest traditions of the theater,
the show goes on.
Geoff at the Sagebrush, in Brevard,
November, 2001.
John Greco