May 6 - 9
Birds in the Weather

Winner of the 2009 New Play Competition
By David Muschell-- Directed by Gene O'Hare

"Birds in the Weather" Synopsis

This winner of BLT's 2009 New Play Competition, might also
be a "winner" to BLT audiences. It's like a "Who done it?" mystery
populated by the "Golden Girls." Many of us seniors might also see
glimpses of ourselves, as the youths among us enjoy a "Murder She
Wrote" like plot.

Vivian Beasley is a feisty independent senior who due to weakened bones
has been temporarily relegated to a wheelchair. Living with her working
daughter and son-in-law, they make the tough decision to put her in a
private, "Intermediate Geriatric Care Facility." It is, in reality, the home
of Mr. & Mrs. Chilliwick, who run this very private facility for a selected
clientele. The plot thickens as Vivian observes that some very strange
things are going on. It's not just the arbitrary rules that irritate her, it's
how Mrs. Chilliwick seems to want her "guests" to do less and less for
themselves. Likewise, for the Chilliwicks, Mrs. Beasley is a problem: too
inquisitive, too much of a rule-breaker, and  even tries to get the other
ladies to start "doing things" together. What will the Chilliwicks do about

Part mystery, part exploration of the problems of aging, "Birds in the
Weather" takes the audience thru a joyful
poignant ride of laughter and suspense. Don't miss it.

The Cast for this
World Premiere Production:

Martha Hogenboom --
Mrs. Beasley
Kathleen Moore -- Mrs. Chilliwick
Doug Huth -- Mr. Chilliwick
Sandie Kay -- Mrs. Stella Rumage
Ele'na Miller -- Mrs. Millie Lefton
Nita Porter -- Mrs. Margie Knowles
June Stacy -- Janey Turner
Frank Porter -- John Turner
Rehearsal Photos
Author David Muschell  and Director Gene O'Hare