The Belated Suitor
by Paul Brink
Winner of BLT's 2006 New-Play Competition (in the One-Act Play Category)
Staged at the Awards Luncheon, Fellowship Hall, St. Philips, Brevard
May 25, 2007
Directed by Joe Carvajal
Producer: Joe Narsavage
About the Play
In this comedy, two nuns living in a convent are embarrassed when one of them receives a letter
from an old boyfriend of hers, recounting their love affair before she became a nun.  It turns out
that he has become a professional golfer, but still remembers their passionate romance.  He invites
her to watch him on TV, playing in a big tournament.  They do, and the results of the competition
lead to a surprise ending.

The Cast for this World Premiere production:
Jill Lusby Brink
-- Sister Winifred
Celeste Thorington -- Sister Bernardine
Sister Winifred and Sister Bernardine
Joe C.
Joe N.