I Ought To Be In Pictures

A Wonderful Comedy by Neil Simon
                     Directed by Al Edick

February 26 - March 7, 2010

Herb, a once successful Hollywood scriptwriter, is having a dry run
and his confidence is shaken.  He does have some consolation in
hisoff-and-onsleep-in relationship with Steffy, a movie make-up woman.  
Then suddenly he's confronted with his distant and almost forgotten past in
the person of his teenage daughter Libby, who's trekked to Hollywood from
Brooklyn where Herb had left his wife, daughter and son sixteen years
earlier.  Now she wants him to get her into "pictures."  A great play.
Don't Miss It!


Herb --
Joe Narsavage
Steffy -- Lyn French O'Hare
Libby -- Alex Foote

Producer -- Maureen Edick
Stage Manager -- Elizabeth Malzone
Rehearsal Photos