1960 - 1961 Season
Although BLT had its first season in 1950 (not counting the BLT 1930s "prequel"), an
awards program was not inaugurated until the 1960-1961 season.  Those first awards
were called "Robsters," to honor BLT's first Resident Director, Robroy Farquhar
(Founder of Flat Rock Playhouse, Official State Theater of North Carolina.)  All we have
now for that '60 -'61 awards event is a brief newspaper clipping.  The awards categories
varied from season to season thereafter, and we usually find in those old records no
indication of the shows in which the awards were won.  For '60 - '61, we also have no
award categories indicated.
AWARD WINNERS:  Charlie Himes, Gus Masters, Alice Nichols, Smokey Johns,
Mike Masters, Ruth Hunter, Ray Burgin, Jane Johnson and Willie Dockens.
1961 - 1962 Season
1962 - 1963 Season
Name Changed To: "The Beulah Zachary Awards"
Best Actor:  Ernest Gilstrap    Best Actress:  Thelma Hart   
Best Supporting Actor:  Mike Vaniman
Best Debut Actor:  Frank McGibbony   
Best Debut Actress:  Dottie Randall (Vaniman)
1963 - 1964 Season
Best Actor: Ken Johnson (The Solid Gold Cadillac)  Lighting:  Bob Hale   
Best Actress: Peggy Toole (The Unexpected Guest)  Teen Award:  Charlie
Best Supporting Actor:  Taj Hanna (Roman Candle) Service Award:  Jim
Best Character Actor: Ed Freeman (Roman Candle)
Best Debut Actress:  Pat Archer (Roman Candle)
Best Actors:  Bill Beasley (Oklahoma!)
         Joe Murphy (
You Can't Take It With You)
Best  Actress:  Pat Murphy (Oklahoma!)
Best Supporting Actors: Bob Betts (Oklahoma!)
                           Mel Everingham (
You Can't Take It With You)
Best Supporting Actress: Shirley Hammill (Harper) (Oklahoma!)
Best Character Actor: Bill Bangs (You Can't Take It With You)
Choreography: Kaylene Schoenberg (Oklahoma!)
Musical Direction: Charles Jolliff (Oklahoma!)
Best Young Actress: Alice Nichols (You Can't Take It With You)
Best Young Actor: ??? (illegible) (Charley's Aunt)
Beulah Zachary Award:
Ed and Maude Freeman
Special Service Awards: Eva Burgin (Art & Costumes)
Sharon DeMuth (
President's Award: Mel Everingham
Lighting: Andy Brown (Oklahoma!)
Set Design: Mike Vaniman (Oklahoma!)
1964 - 1965 Season
Best Actor:  Mike Vaniman   
Best Actress:  Freddie Norris   
Best Supporting Actor:  Bill Norris
Best Supporting Actress:  Doris Williams   
Best Debut Actor:  Dave Miller  
Best Debut Actress:  Rhuemma Carter  
Best Character Actor: Ed Freeman
Best Character Actress: Dottie Vaniman   
Best Debut Supporting Actor:  John Folger
Best Debut Supporting Actress: Jeanette Austin  Best Female Singer:  Betty Killian
Best Male Singer: Bob Lancaster  Best Female Supporting Singer:  Ruth Hunter
Best Dancer: Sandra Sheridan  Best Juvenile Actor: Bill Eisele   
Best Juvenile Supporting Actor: Gary Schoenberg  Special Service Award: Taj Hanna
Costume Design: Eva Burgin  Makeup: Maude Freeman   
Lighting: Charles Carter/Bob Huggins
Set Design: Hilde Klimek  Set Construction: Don Pidgeon
1965 - 1966 Season
Best Actor:  Ed Freeman    Best Actress:  Maggie Masters    Lighting:  Harold Everson
Best Supporting Actor:  Bill Norris    Best Supporting Actress:  Emma Lou Truesdale
Best Character Actor: John Nes  Best Character Actress: Pat Fuleihan  Stage Props: Jim Hicklin
Hand Props: Ann Erwin  Art & Stage Craft: John Daniels  Special Service Award: Job Corps
Family Service Award: The Pidgeon Family   Beulah Zachary Award: Becky MacFie
1966 - 1967 Season
Best Actor:  Mel Everingham  Best Actress: Jeanette Austin
Best Supporting Actor: Jim Hicklin  Hand Props: Sue Huggins & Cathy Dixon
Best Character Actor: Jim Keeley Best Character Actress: Arah Hamlin
Best Debut Actor: Walter McKelvey  Best Debut Actress: Cherry Warren
Best Actor (Melodrama): Mike Vaniman  Best Actress (Melodrama): Paula Palmer
Best Supporting Actor (Melodrama): Taj Hanna
Best Supporting Actress (Melodrama): Pat Fuleihan
Set Design & Construction: David Shaw
Family Service Award: The Pidgeon Family
Beulah Zachary Award: Berry Pidgeon
"The Robster Awards"