Brevard Little Theatre - Silver Anniversary - May 22, 1975 Program:
Social Hour.  Dinner.  Membership Meeting.  Presentation of Awards.  History of Awards.
Award Presenters
(previous year's winners):
Debut Award:
Nadine Huters. Service Award: Carle Wilson. Youth Award: Tia Landon.
Technical Award: Hilde Klimek. Character Award: Ed Freeman. Supporting Actor: Jim Keeley
Supporting Actress: Freddie Norris. Best  Actress: Dottie Vaniman.
Best Actor: Bill Norris.  President's Award: Jeanette Austin
Silver Anniversary
Program Cover
Dottie Vaniman
Jim Keeley
All of the Brevard Little Theatre productions: 1950 - 1975
(not listed in the order in which they were staged)
Displayed below is all of the information contained in that BLT Program
"Peg O' My Heart"    "Here Today"    "The Night Of January 16th"    "Night Must Fall"    
"Laura"   "The Ninth Guest"    "The Curse Of An Aching Heart"    "See How They Run"    
"The Silver Whistle"   "Little Scandal"    "Fly Away Home"    "Cuckoos On The Hearth"    
"January Thaw"    "I Found April"   "Ladies In Retirement"    "Cheaper By The Dozen"  "The
Hasty Heart"    "Ten Little Indians"   "John Loves Mary"    "Seven Keys To Baldpate"    "My
Three Angels"    "Here We Come Gathering"   "The Mousetrap"    "Father Of The Bride"    
"At War With The Army"    "The Mikado"  "There's Always A Murder"    "The Curious
Savage"    "The Loud Red Patrick"    "The Thirteenth Chair"   "Our Town"    "Death Takes A
Holiday"    "Two Blind Mice"    "Double Door"    "A Majority Of One"   "Watch On The
Rhine"    "Oklahoma!"    "Arsenic And Old Lace"    "Charlie's Aunt"   "The Solid Gold
Cadillac"    "The Unexpected Guest"    "You Can't Take It With You"    "Roman Candle"   
"The King And I"    "Blithe Spirit"    "Bus Stop"    "Picnic"    "Harvey"    "Everybody Loves
Opal"   "The Late Christopher Bean"    "Winnie The Pooh"    "The Little Foxes"   "The Silver
Whistle (2nd time)"   "Love Rides The Rails"    "Rebecca"    "Witness For The Prosecution"   
"Mary, Mary"    "Blood, Sweat And Stanley Poole"    "The Star-Spangled Girl"   "The Glass
Menagerie"     "Everybody's Girl"     "The Voice Of The Turtle"    "Outward Bound"   "The
Hollow Crown"    "I Remember Mama"    "Plaza Suite"    "The Dark At The Top Of The
Stairs"   "A Raisin In The Sun"    "Black Comedy"    "The Spiral Staircase""The Effect Of
Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds"   "The Girl In The Freudian Slip"    "Enter
Laughing"       "Never Too Late"    "Egad! What A Cad!"   
Past Presidents - First 25 Years (some individuals served more than one term):
Carolyn Winchester     Charles Norlander, Jr.     Charles Glazner     Gunther Balduaf    
Ralph Palmer      Ernest Gilstrap     Don Stoneback    Mike Vaniman    Taj Hanna    
Rhuemma Carter     John NesWalt Rogers    John H. Wells, Jr.     Hugo Martin     Aileen
Haney    Helen Hawthorne     Tia Landon
BLT Award Winners During The First 25 Years:

Best Actors: Ernest Gilstrap    Bill Beasley    Joe Murphy    Ken Johnson    Mike Vaniman   
Bob Lancaster    Ed Freeman    Mel Everingham    Bill Norris    John Setzer   
Jim Keeley    Hugo Martin    John Wells

Best Actresses: Thelma Hart    Pat Murphy    Peggy Toole    Freddie Norris    Maggie Masters    Ann Goody   
Jeanette Austin    Paula Palmer    Dottie Vaniman    Jo Ann Dehon    Pat Fuleihan

Best Supporting Actors: Mike Vaniman    Mel Everingham    Bob Betts    Charles Jolliff    Andy Brown   
Hall Parrish  Taj Hanna    Bill Norris    Jim Hicklin    Ed Keith    John Wells   
Don Davies    Jim Keeley    Carle Wilson

Best Supporting Actresses: Shirley Hammill (Harper)    Kaylene Schonberg    Doris Williams   
Ruth Hunter    Emma Lou Trousdale    Pat Fuleihan    Mary Kilgore    Jean Dixon   
Doris Tinsley    Freddie Norris    Wendy Alderman

Best Debut Performances: Dottie Vaniman    Frank McGibbony    Pat Archer    Dave Miller    Rhuemma Carter
John Folger    Jeanette Austin    Cherry Warren    Walter McKelvey    Jim Thomas    Nadine Huters

Best Character Performances: Bill Bangs    Ed Freeman    Dottie Vaniman    John Ness    Pat Fuleihan   
Arah Hamlin    Jim Keeley    Jeanette Austin

Best Youth Performances: Gail Bonnell    Dick Sieler    Nancy McCall    Lee Dunlop    Alice Nichols   
Leonard Poteet    Charlie Carter    Gary Stoneberg    Bill Eisle    Sandra Sheridan    Chris Pidgeon   
Victoria Pidgeon    Paul Duval    Butch Hunter    Karen Southerland

Beulah Zachary Awards: Jeanette Austin    Beckey MacAfie    Berry Pidgeon    Maud Freeman    Ed Freeman   
Jim Hicklin    Mike Vaniman    Dottie Vaniman

Service Awards: Jeanette Austin    Jane Johnson    Robroy Farquhar    Maud Freeman    Ed Freeman   
Taj Hanna    Mel Everingham    Carle Wilson    The Pidgeon Family    The Job Corps Boys

Technical Awards: Robroy Farquhar    Eva Burgin    Sharon DeMuth    Bob Hale    Jim Hicklin   
Maud Freeman    Charles Carter    Bob Huggins    Hilde Klimek    Don Pidgeon    John Daniels   
Ann Erwin    Harold Everson    Cathy Dixon    Sue Huggins    Daniel Shaw   
Jeanne Mueller    Anthony Pidgeon    Martha Murphy    Tim Murphy    Walt Rogers    Joy Zachary   
Tom Cox    Margaret Wells    John Wells    Gus Masters    Jim Alderman
Hugo Martin
Silver Anniversary, May 22, 1975   Brevard American Legion Hall