The 1930s - BLT's "Prequel"
Sham - Director: Beulah Zachary.
November, 1935.
The Trysting Place - by Booth Tarkington.
Director: Beulah Zachary.  December, 1935.
The Red Lamp - by Hilliard Booth.
Director: Beulah Zachary.
Old Brevard High School Auditorium.  March, 1936.
The Boor - by Anton Chekhov.  
Director: Beulah Zachary.
Staged at "The Brevard Little Theatre -- under
the Post Office on Jordan Street."  April, 1936.
The Grand Cham's Diamond
Director: Beulah Zachary.  May, 1936.
Dolly's Little Bills - by Henry Arthur Jenkins.
The Boor (repeated by popular demand.)
Director: Beulah Zachary.  July, 1936.
The Doctor In Spite Of Himself - by Moliere.
Director: Mrs. Knox DeLong.  August, 1936.
(Beulah Zachary, signing herself "Beulie," sent the cast and crew a
telegram from New York City; "Best wishes for a grand performance.")
Mrs. Knox DeLong was the first BLT Librarian.  
The first BLT Historian was Mrs. Thorvald Berg.
Brevard Little Theatre was originally formed at a meeting
organized by Beulah May Zachary and held in Brevard on October
14, 1935.  The first officers were: Beulah Zachary,
Mrs. Eugene Coltrane, Vice President.  Mrs. Thorvald Berg,
Recording Secretary.  Lillian Jenkins, Corresponding Secretary.  J.
A. Carlisle,
Treasurer.  The first BLT Board Members were:
Martha Boswell, Lucille Smith, Ethel McMinn, C. M. Douglas,
Robert Kimzey and Mrs. A. H. Harris.
(Dues for BLT members were set at $1.50 per season.  That
included admission to all of the shows done during the season.)
Beulah Zachary
Grumpy (billed as a "Three-Act Mystery/Comedy.)
Director: Beulah Zachary.  November, 1936.
Be It Ever So Humble
A Tragedian In Spite Of Himself
He Ain't Done Right By Little Nell
(An evening of three one-act plays.)
Director: Grace Williams.  February, 1937.
The Man Who Thought Of Everything - Director: Mrs. John Verner.
That's How The Noise Began - Director: Lillian Jenkins.
The Marriage Proposal - Director: Beulah Zachary.
(An evening of one-act plays.)  April, 1937.
The Patsy - by Barry Conners.
Director: Beulah Zachary.  November, 1937.
The Late Christopher Bean - by Sidney Howard.
Director: Beulah Zachary.  February, 1938.
The Bishop Misbehaves
Director: Beulah Zachary.  April, 1938.
The Importance Of Being Earnest - by Oscar Wilde.
Director: Beulah Zachary.  June, 1938.
Gaius And Gaius, Jr. - by Lucy M. Cobb.  Director: Leon English, Jr.
Curse You, Jack Dalton - by William Braun. Director: Ruth Pickelsimer.
Two one-act melodramas.  July, 1938.
(Here the record of BLT in the pre-World War II years ends.  
No other clippings, programs, etc. are available in the BLT Historian's
collection.  BLT closed down during World War II.
Brevard Little Theatre was reorganized in 1949, with its first season
being 1950-1951.)
Newspaper clipping about the 1959
plane crash in which Beulah Zachary
died.  At the time, Ms. Zachary was
the Producer of
Kukla, Fran and Ollie,
a popular show during the early days
of television.  Her job required that
she make frequent flights between
Chicago and New York.
History Page
1955 newspaper article
about Beulah's career.
Article about her death